When does Bloomseed Elementary School resume and close daily?
Bloomseed Elementary School resumes at 8 am and closes at 2.00pm for all classes .We encourage our parents to bring their children to school on time.

Is admission from the nursery to primary automatic?
Yes, Admission to all classes is automatic; however we will interact with your child to see if  any additional attention is needed.

When can I come and visit the school?                                                                                                                         

  We would be delighted to have you come and visit us. We are open Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 3pm.We hope to see you soon!

Does the school offer shuttle bus Facilities?

Parents bring their children in and pick them up after school. However in the case of an emergency, you can call the school to find out if arrangements can be made.

What are you security facilities like?

God is our Security .However on the human side, we only allow Parents and Relatives known to us (and only after calling you) to take children home. We also have security men on the grounds at all times; 24/7 monitored CCTV camera live recording in all classrooms and the playgrounds.

I want my child to like Mathematics from an early age……

Don’t worry; you are definitely at the right school. Helping children to like arithmetic, using the latest teaching aids, Games and Software is one of the core features of our school.

I want my child to be able to read as soon as possible……

With our experienced staff and learning aids your child would be reading sooner than you expect.

Does the school provide lunch for pupils?
Yes, the school provides lunch and snacks for pupils.

What is the ratio of pupils to teachers?
The ratio of pupils to teachers is at most twenty- five (20) pupils to two (2) teachers per class.

How do parents get information from the school?
We send information to our parents using whatsapp, Facebook and this website.

Apart from academics, what other activities are available to the children?
We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities at Bloomseed Elementary. These include Chess, swimming, Drama, Robotics, football, Cooking, Hair dressing, French, and Music etc.

Do pupils go on field trips?
Yes, our pupils go on educational field trips.

How does the school handle birthday celebrations?
During birthday celebrations, pupils can come with a birthday cake and packet drinks.

Are there Afterschool services for the children?
For the time being, Afterschool services have not yet started.

What about the School Fees?                                                                

 They are very affordable and we encourage you to come down to the school to look around and discuss fees with us.

What is the name of the best Creche Nursery and Primary School in Abeokuta?
That’s easy! Bloomseed Elementary School Igbara Housing Estate(opposite Wenby’s suites) Abeokuta.