Why Bloomseed Elementary Summer School ?

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Summer school can be the best way to retain things learned in the previous school year. After all, it is easy to forget simple math calculations and words if you spend the entire holidays watching movies and playing games. Summer school can help students apply what they have learned in a fun, more carefree environment. […]


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STEM stands for science technology engineering and mathematics education.STEM is about examining, exploring, and solving real life problems.At bloomseed, we have long recognised the importance of STEM in the lives of our children.The earlier a child is exposed to STEM concepts the more likely he or she will understand more complex concepts in the future. […]

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We invited several parents and  professionals from the Medical,Legal,Banking,Engineering and other fields to visit Bloomseed Elementary to discuss their careers with the children. They described why they chose their careers,what they enjoy about their careers and the skills and traits necessary for them while answering the questions of the children.We had the children dress up […]