I love food, I love food,

It makes me feel really good,

Yummy and nutritious food,

Keeps me in a superb mood

-Author UnKnown


At Bloomseed Elementary School in Abeokuta, baking has become an integral part of the curriculum, and children are eager to learn this skill. You may be wondering, why are we teaching children to bake? The answer is simple - baking has numerous benefits for children, including cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Baking involves following instructions, measuring ingredients, and problem-solving, which helps develop cognitive skills in children. It teaches them to follow a sequential process and understand the importance of precision, which can be applied to other areas of their lives.

Baking also provides an opportunity for social interaction and teamwork. When children bake, they must work together, share responsibilities, and communicate effectively. It can improve their social skills and help them build stronger relationships with their peers.

Furthermore, baking can also have a positive impact on a child's emotional well-being. It can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Baking allows children to express their creativity, and the sense of accomplishment they feel when they create something delicious can boost their self-esteem.

In addition, baking promotes healthy eating habits. When children learn to bake, they become more aware of the ingredients in their food and can make healthier choices. It can also encourage them to try new foods and expand their palate.

Baking can also be a fun family activity. Children can take their new baking skills home and bake with their families, creating memorable experiences and strengthening family bonds.

At Bloomseed Elementary School, children are introduced to baking in a safe and structured environment. They learn basic baking skills and techniques, such as mixing, measuring, and decorating. They also learn about kitchen safety and hygiene.

Overall, teaching children to bake at Bloomseed Elementary School in Abeokuta has numerous benefits for their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. It is a fun and engaging way to promote healthy eating habits, teamwork, and creativity. By introducing children to baking at an early age, they can develop valuable skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.


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