A conversation with Jason’s Mum

This is a follow up on the “For the love of plants” Summer Class.
[04/10 8:13 AM] Immediately I woke up, my son said close your eyes I have a surprise. So I allowed him to lead me there. He was really excited. He said Tada!
[04/10 8:13 AM] The next morning he went to check and called me to come and see that it was no longer bent
[04/10 8:13 AM] Also he has been the one watering the plants so that has really been a good thing for him. To see things he is nurturing growing. For our Okro plant at a point the leaves were turning yellow and looking unhealthy that was also a teaching opportunity
[04/10 8:13 AM] Meanwhile last week he said his teacher mentioned that plants can move that he doesn’t think that’s possible so I took him to the Dahlia plant and told him to note how the stem was bent . It was evening. So I said by morning he will notice something
[04/10 8:13 AM] So that was like a practical experiment that plants move

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